Saving for Retirement is so important and easy to do with the right advice. It’s about automating the process by having a goal of what you would like in retirement, putting in place a clear plan and regularly reviewing it to make sure you are on track to meet with your objective.

By receiving advice from Blue Ocean, we can keep you make sure you are making use of your tax allowances, your investments are in suitable funds in line with your risk profile, keep you informed of any changes to pensions and keep you on track for your retirement goals and objectives.

Ways of saving towards retirement

1. You can pay into a pension plan and receive full tax relief on your contributions, when you get to retirement.

2. You can convert your fund into a new flexible drawdown contract or even take the capital.

3. You can pay into ISAs now known as NISAs these investments grow free of tax and any income from them is tax free. Currently you can pay in up to £20,000 per person each tax year.

4. You can invest in property and use the rental income live on during retirement.

When saving for retirement remember that one glove does not fit all, it is important to obtain advice based on your personal financial position so that your money is invested in the most effective way to optimise your retirement.

Let Blue Ocean help you make the right choice and contact us to get on track or start saving towards your retirement.

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