Financial Advisory Services/Wealth Management Process


Unlike other financial advisory firms, we take technology further. Through the use of award-winning systems, we can provide our clients with straightforward and transparent advice in a simple and convenient way.

We make no compromise. Our belief is that by helping you understand your goals, aspirations and attitude to risk, you become more confident and empowered.

Key benefits of being a Blue Ocean Investment Company Ltd client:

  • Wide range of investment options available to meet your needs:
    To help you achieve your financial goals, we can invest your capital within innovative risk-based strategies from the whole of the market to create a bespoke plan that is tailored just for you. In addition, to ensure that your investments are as tax efficient as possible, we can take advantage of the various tax wrappers that are available.
  • We make it easy for you to control your finances
    Through your own personalised website you can analyse and track all of your accounts with us, along with any legacy assets you hold elsewhere including your bank accounts – all in one convenient location.
  • Our planning tools ensure that your investment goals are realistic
    By correctly understanding your appetite for risk, we can ensure that the goals you set are realistic and the investment strategies recommended are the most suitable. We ascertain your risk profile through a number of methods and display these in a way that is easily understood. We can also interrogate the risk profile of your existing products, to ensure that they are correctly invested and, if not, look at where they would better suit your individual needs.
  • Our exclusive relationships ensure that you get the best pricing possible
    By partnering with investment experts, we are able to offer clients lower fees compared to those typically offered to retail investors.

And by having a plan that you can relate to and the ability to check its progress at any time, you feel even more in control.

Our Wealth Management Process

1. Understanding your situation


2. Analysis and design of your strategy


3. Presentation of your recommendation


4. Ongoing service and information

As a client of Blue Ocean Investment company Ltd you will be able to view your investments and track their progress against your goals on your personal website. Everything will be transparent to you.

If you want to make any adjustments or if your personal situation changes, you can use the secure messaging system on the website.

For more information about our innovative approach to wealth management, please contact us.