You may:

> be only a few of years off now, and are keen to understand the choices you have

> be finalising your plan and becoming clearer on what income needs you will have

> have greater clarity on what you would like your lifestyle to be like

> be in a financial position where you can maximise further contributions to be able to achieve this lifestyle

> be keen to model different scenarios…the “what ifs” in life, like ill-health

> find it important to consider how your retirement “money pot” can be left to your beneficiaries – tax efficiently!

> be very keen to ensure all your savings are placed in tax efficient plans

> still have concerns that your “money pot” may not last for as long as you need it to

> feel that you don’t want to take much risk with the money you have saved


If this sounds like you, it may be worth considering booking an appointment with your us to review your own circumstances.