You may:

> be enjoying more time for you and your family

> be doing the things you enjoy doing…more often

> be relaxing into a different pattern of day to day life

> feel like you are spending…and are keen to ensure you don’t spend too much!

> be looking to move house and be closer to family

> have some state benefits complementing your own income

> want to make some changes to your plan to accommodate complications that may have crept in to your lives, like ill-health or bereavement

> be thinking about who you would delegate financial control to the event of…

> have decided on how you are going to pass on your wealth and want to share that with loved ones whilst you are still fit and well

> feel that you would like to plan for your own funeral as you don’t want to burden anyone else


If this sounds like you, it may be worth considering booking an appointment with your us to review your own circumstances.