Blue Ocean Investment Company Ltd was founded in 1995 by John Doyle to help people make the right financial decisions .

Our award-winning advisory service helps hundreds  of clients each year to make the right investment decisions to meet their financial objectives. Research has revealed that on average, Financial Advice leaves people £40,000 better off compared to those taking no advice*. Advice is usually invaluable as the personal recommendations made are based on your circumstances and financial goals.


We help people to Invest money for Income or Growth .

To plan and save for Retirement and to select the right financial products for life insurance and income protection.

We can also help people to secure a mortgage to buy a home or an investment property or just get a better rate of interest.

We regularly price match against the leading banks and building societies to ensure are charges are fair and competitive.

Blue Ocean will  help you make the right financial choices means you are fully protected and you will benefit from our experience and expertise.

The financial market is a very complex place.

Blue Ocean will ensure you make the right choices to secure your future.